The various Uses of Silicone Polymers

The Silicon category of polymers is among the most highly used group of compounds in industry and the home. They are heat resistant and have a rubber-like structure, which are them useable in numerous fields, furthermore they don’t readily host bacteria, are less prone to passing away than plastic and can have similar elasticity and flexibility properties to rubbers, making them a great substitute in some areas. Silicones can also take the form of viscous essential fluids and lubricants, providing them with yet more potentially useful applications. They are also relatively inert, meaning they are more unlikely that to react chemically with other materials, a desirable property particularly in healthcare, the kitchen and in some industrial applications. Today, silicon products have become quite widespread due to these flexible properties. Highlighted below are some standard parts and businesses that heavily use silicon.
Many things that we see in a kitchen or pantry today are made from silicon. Iron, steel and plastic has been replaced by silicon to a great extent. The main reason is that the kitchen is actually a place where the temperature is often higher than usual. It means that there is the risk of plastic products reduction or steel or iron products getting hot or rusted. These factors make them unfavourable materials for use around food and heat, and give silicon products an edge. Montessori toys
Now, you will see silicon made ladles, spoons, ice cube trays and pots. The main reason is that silicon has a warm ceiling range from very high to very low temperatures. Silicon products are used in cooking as they don’t readily harbour bacteria or fungus as long as they are well cleaned, and they are very easy to clean. The fact that silicon is odourless, tasteless, and does not react readily with other chemicals also makes it a strong substitute for wood and plastic.
Another widespread use of Silicon is in the manufacture of hoses and hoses, where Silicon Hoses have replaced plastic hoses in virtually every industry. Automobiles, food, chemicals and other industries heavily use silicon hoses now. The huge growth in its use is credited to its various material properties offering advantages over plastic.
Silicon hoses can bear extreme pressure and temperature. These qualities make them befitting several uses, such as hydraulic garden hose in commercial machinery, especially those that put pressure or warm demands on the hoses.
Some domestic products that heavily use silicon hoses are cleaners and automatic washers. Both these products put heavy pressure on the hoses, which can lead to the hoses getting ruptured if they are not sturdy enough. This is why many manufacturers use silicon hoses in their products, as they have a better life and can withstand questionable.
Silicon hoses are usually used in cars and trucks, but this is not the only use of silicones in the automobile industry. In automobiles, silicon fat has replaced normal fat to a large extent. It is used as brake lubrication as it is heat resistant and does not get affected by water. These factors have helped it replace other lubricants that were earlier heavily used.
Silicon is now also used to produce gaskets that are used in auto motors and other applications.
Medical Uses
Silicones of various kinds are also used widely in medical settings, such as in breast implants, contact lenses, silicon scar therapy, and even in some bandages and dressings. This can be widely caused by Silicone’s high ‘biocompatibility’, or ‘ability to not have detrimental or toxic side effects while promoting beneficial medical outcomes’, in layman’s terms.
Silicone’s are also used as glass joiners, especially in the aquarium tank field. Silicon sealants are very popular as they don’t get affected by water; however, the fact that they don’t have long-standing adhesion to parts limits their use.
Many electronic items use silicon products for safety and other purposes. They are used in machines that get very hot or are used in warm as they can bear extreme temperature without showing any signs of degrading.
Silicon based products are today more widespread than in the past; they are used in almost all industries today, and are only most likely going to grow more prevalent with time.

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